• High Pressure Solar water Heater - 600 kPa 250 Litre

Close Coupled high Pressure 600kPa 250 litre high pressure system (30 heat pipe tubes, 1800x58x2mm) 

This roof mounted, close-coupled, solar hot water system can be easily installed on pitched or flat roofs.

There are no complicated pumps or controllers to worry about as the circulation of the hot water is automatically achieved using the natural thermosiphon principle, inside the heat pipes.  A simple compact design leaves no space for extra components which can leak, freeze, burst, lose heat, or simply stop working.

Hail or Golf ball concerns for those living on golf estates, regarding the Glass Tubes, is what size hail they can withstand? All geysers use 2mm tubes, designed to withstand 38mm diameter hail.  In the event one or all of the glass tubes break, simply replace the Glass tube, no water is lost, only the ability to heat the water via the solar radiation, and the glass tubes are not expensive. If the heat pipes are damaged these also can be purchased separately.

The system can be  backed up by a thermostatically controlled electrical element, using a variety of Geyser controllers, we would suggest a Geyserwise controller, as one can easily set on/off times, temperature, and view the current temperature of the Solar water heater.

Heat pipes slide, into a sleeve directly into the tank, so heat loss is minimal.

The whole system being mounted on the roof, it is easier to install and reduces costs. Also being externally mounted there is no risk of it leaking indoors, and causing damage, to ceilings, carpets etc.

These are high pressure systems, designed to work  at 400-600kPa as working water pressures supplied by your municipality.

Freezing of heat pipes occurs at  -35 Deg.  Celsius, so the system can be installed in areas where overnight temperatures drop below freezing, without risk of damaging the heat pipes.

One can also install multiple geysers in series, or parallel, to spread the roof loading, and to ensure there is more than enough hot water. 

The system pays for itself :


Assuming you have an existing geyser with Timer fitted that has a 2kw element,  a household of four people and that operates for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, a total of 12 kw/h  per day, for an average of 30.5 days in a month, over 12 months, you will use 4392 KwH per year.

At todays price of R1.48 per Kilowatt Hour that translates into R6500.16 per year to heat up your water.

Over a fifteen year period it's going to cost you R176 493.08 to heat your water, with a conservative 8% PA electricity increase.

If your Electrically assisted geyser used only 25% of this electricity to add extra heat on rainy or very cloudy days, it will save you R132 369.81 over the fifteen year period, and even more if you have clear sky's.

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High Pressure Solar water Heater - 600 kPa 250 Litre

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